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Cuban society, not Castro, must change government

There is no Cuba after Castro… at least for now. The 83-year-old comandante has been subject to jokes about his immortality for some time now.

Letter to the Editor

This is written in response to an article that appeared expressing concern for the conversion of the UC Art Gallery into a conference room.

New law could eliminate public urination in city

Drunk college students in the city of Pittsburgh, take note: Before this week, it hasn’t been against the law to urinate in public.

Canadian board’s decision reinforces South African racism

Sometimes, going to a school like Carnegie Mellon, I forget that racism and discrimination exist and are practiced elsewhere.

Sex sells: In this case, classical music

“I don’t know how I came upon this. I hope I didn’t buy it.”

Smoking policy changes not being enforced

The maps are posted. The signs are up. The little cigarette butt receptacles are in plain sight.

Obama, parents right regarding speech to kids

President Obama’s address to schoolchildren last Tuesday has been the reason for a large amount of uproar recently.

Leadership Perspectives

In just a few short days, leaders of the most prominent countries of the world will be gathering in Pittsburgh for the G20 Summit.

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