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Pottery, paintings, and photographs galore

The booths were situated in the center of the street so that visitors could walk all the way up Walnut Street to South Neville Street.

Informative art: ideas to improve quality of life

The new exhibit at the Miller Gallery, curated by Andrea Grover, is a bit surreal, but very interesting.

Tales from abroad: Christchurch

I picked Christchurch based on three requirements: English language use, location and weather, and program duration.

Family issues, Japanese brides, and hook hands

A novella, Woman of the Baths takes place primarily in Pittsburgh after the end of World War II.

Real music, new sounds

The Benjy Davis Project is a Louisiana-based rock band made up of five members.

The right cookware makes communal kitchens tasty

If you are going to gain the predicted “freshman 15,” you might as well do it the right way.

Monkeys get third-time lucky

There must be something about third albums.

Students turn waste into art

Plastic grocery bags have gotten a bad rap in today’s green-conscious society.


I know I’ve only made it through the first week of classes, but I am already exhausted.

Dollar movie

Don’t miss the heartwarming Phoebe in Wonderland this Thursday. Also: Taken.

Everything you need to know

Get advice on how to talk to your love interest and make your roommate more clean-conscious.

Did you know?

Find out what last year’s issue has to say about phantom limbs.


This week's list of events.

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