Activities abound on campus

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Many of you have just finished your first week of classes here at Carnegie Mellon University, learned a new schedule, and are already deep in the trenches of your studies.

Here in the second week comes the Activities Fair, an opportunity to learn about the student groups on campus and maybe even find an outlet to get involved.

With over 200 student organizations to choose from, it’s hard to walk down the many aisles set up on the CFA Lawn and not run into an organization that interests you.

From online gaming to spiritual fellowships, Greek life to bagpipes and Ultimate, the Office of Student Activities is putting together the perfect place for you to connect with other involved students here.

So I’m here to encourage you to pursue those opportunities — my time here has been so enriched by the experiences had with student activities.

I’ve had access to cover the Presidential election season from behind the barricades and been given the opportunity to spend a week as a missionary in Ecuador — all the while alongside my peers that I learned to see as so much more than students.

Let’s take The Tartan as an example — putting a newspaper together is so much more than reporting and photography.

We have amazingly skilled layout and production staff members, copy staff — who are students who edit all of our articles — those who maintain our network of computers and award-winning website, and business and advertising teams that keep our free newspaper showing up for you every week.

The experience of working together with such high-caliber individuals has been both educational and rewarding — you’ll find this in a whole array of organizations manning tables on Wednesday.

Whether that experience results in a hilarious TV program, a stunning fashion show, or just an opportunity to be with others that you have a good time with, getting involved in a student organization is an essential part of the college experience.

So come out Wednesday afternoon and swing by some of our tables — we’d love to meet you and get you plugged in here on campus.