CulinArt brings change, specials to campus dining

Carnegie Mellon has a new dining vendor, and with that new vendor comes better food and additional services to keep the community interested in dining and eating at the various new locations on campus.

According to a recent e-mail newsletter from Dining Services, Carnegie Mellon was ranked in the bottom 10 schools for food by the Princeton Review. Dining Services is taking steps to change that, however, by introducing new eating options on campus.

Even more important than the taste of the food served (which is superior to the old food, at least for now) is the new variety of eating locations on campus. Before, it seemed as if there were only different sandwich shops, but now, there are many more options: freshly tossed salads, comfort foods, a fresh juice bar, and places to eat steak and burgers on campus, as well as plans for an all-day breakfast location and an ice cream shop, which will serve up classics like milkshakes and malts. Even locations similar to old eateries have improved, adding higher quality ingredients and more options.

Aside from this, CulinArt and Dining Services have taken extra steps to keep the campus interested. They have introduced specials, where items are offered at a free or reduced charge at certain locations, as well as both breakfast and coffee clubs, which reward customers with a free item after the purchase of 10. These things take away the monotony of on-campus eating by introducing reasons to go to different locations, and also reasons to stay on campus. (Why bother going to Starbucks for your coffee if you can go to Maggie Murph and get the same coffee with a promise of a free drink after 10 cups?)

CulinArt also has a Twitter account for students to follow to keep up with any dining news, changes in hours, and specials. While it is unclear how useful this will be, it is good that the company is trying to connect with students and keep them informed about dining on campus. CulinArt has also begun offering free hand sanitizer to its customers in several locations, showing that despite a clear focus on food, they still care about the well-being of the campus community.

CulinArt is receptive to suggestions, and with input from students, we think that dining will continue to improve, in both small and significant ways.