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Pittsburgh uses G20 to showcase local artwork

Ever since it was announced that the 2009 G20 Summit would be held in Pittsburgh, it was trumpeted as a chance for the city to shine, to show what Pittsburgh was really made of.

Viewers should rethink opinions about Jon & Kate

Being at home for the summer, it seems almost inevitable that reality TV would crop into the summer holidays.

Students should not sue colleges for lack of employment

After spending four years in college, one would think that Trina Thompson would be smart enough to figure out that she isn’t guaranteed a job right after graduation.

Anonymous bloggers should not be forced to reveal names

Free speech has been in the U.S. Constitution since its inception. Unfortunately, our forefathers had not anticipated anonymous bloggers.

People, not precautions, overreact to swine flu

The swine flu: we’ve all heard of it, we’ve been warned countless times about it. But is the situation really as desperate as it’s being made out to be?

CulinArt brings change, specials to campus dining

Carnegie Mellon has a new dining vendor, and with that new vendor comes better food and additional services to keep the community interested in dining on campus.

People should be allowed to voice concerns freely

Last week, Randy Bryant, sent out an e-mail to the School of Computer Science to “give us a review of some basic etiquette” in regards to the newly constructed Gates Center.

Activities abound on campus

With over 200 student organizations to choose from, it’s hard to walk down the many aisles set up on the CFA Lawn and not run into an organization that interests you.

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