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Textbook rental programs would benefit students

As college students, we all like to complain about money; namely, not having enough of it.

Vick’s sports future should be determined by his past actions

Though newspapers have covered the story of Michael Vick, it seems those clamoring to let the guy play his season out are overlooking a few points.

First class air travel does not offer first class worthy perks

In most areas of life, I am a snob. But when it comes to airlines and flying, I proudly admit to being your run-of-the-mill, average-Joe commoner.

Loop Bus gives students safe and fun way to get around city

It’s 2 a.m., and every bar, club, and restaurant in Pittsburgh is closing its doors. Cue the Loop Bus.

Replacement of UC gallery disappointing

As upperclassmen may notice now that they have returned to campus, the University Center has gone through a number of changes over the summer

Cases of citizen journalism seen after elections

On Friday, June 12, over 25 million Iranians cast their votes in their country’s 10th presidential election.

Pittsburgh officials silencing protests due to G20

On Sept. 24, Pittsburgh will open its arms to host the 2009 G20 Summit.

Leadership Perspectives

As your Student Body Vice President, I would like to welcome students to another splendid year at Carnegie Mellon

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