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Robot body language affects human responses

Carnegie Mellon graduate student, Bilge Mutlu, conducted a study that showed that humans respond to robots more effectively if the robot exhibits human-like body language.

ISO carries out phishing study

Carnegie Mellon's Information Security Office (ISO) recently conducted a campus-wide study on phishing prevention.

How Things Work: Tear gas

Learn about why tear gas produces its effects and how to make your own tear gas at home.

Health Talk: Walking Corpse Syndrome

The walking corpse syndrome, also called Cotard's syndrome, has patients believe that they are dead or are missing certain organs from their body.

Health Line

Recent studies have shown that the heart is able to grow new cells and can replace around 1 percent of its worn out cells.

Sci/Tech briefs

Scientists have built a virus-powered battery that is powerful and environment-friendly.

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