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Mayoral candidates debate on campus

Three Pittsburgh mayoral candidates aired their platforms on campus this week at the Mayoral Candidates Forum in McConomy Auditorium.

Itkowitz, Godbole look back on year of service

The administration of Jared Itkowitz and Pooja Godbole has come to an end as they pass the torch of student leadership and service on to Rotimi Abimbola and Adam Klein.

Crime surges within campus community

The recent string of thefts and robberies on campus and throughout Oakland has resulted in heightened awareness and a flood of security alerts in every student’s inbox.

Students re-evaluate next step after finals

In 2009, entering the real world for college graduates might not be the world they initially envisioned for themselves.

Independently run station WRCT celebrates 60-year history

One of Carnegie Mellon’s largest and most successful media organizations celebrates not one, but two anniversaries this year.

CFA offers music and technology major

Carnegie Mellon’s strengths of music, computer science, and technology will be combined to offer new joint degrees next year.

stats speaking

With the end of the school year approaching, many students are bound to celebrate with parties and alcohol.

Campus News in Brief

The Carnegie Mellon community gives feedback to help administrators and the student body leaders, as well as giving funds to charity.

Lecture Preview

McMichael "gets the right sign" Monday in the Adamson Wing.

crime and incident

A Carnegie Mellon student was walking around Morewood Ave., attempting to gain entrance into vehicles waiting at the red light.

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