Did you know?

100 years ago
April 7, 1909
Due to popular demand, the School of Applied Design is opening an illustration department. The department is being created to give full training in drawing, painting, and design. Mandatory courses for students interested in this major include Freehand Drawing, Geometry, and Problems in Illustration. Those who graduate are perfect matches for the well-sought-after positions of lithographer, piano sheet music illustrator, and calligraphy specialist.

50 years ago
April 1, 1959
Even 50 years ago, Carnegie Tech had the audacity to put some humor in their annual April Fools’ Day issue. Under the title of “Sex” reads, “Sex has nothing to do with this story but it did get you to read this, didn’t it?” The “100 Years Ago” entry in this article took several hours of coercing before agreeing to stand beside this scandalous blurb.

25 years ago
April 2, 1984
The ’80s also had a humorous spirit. In their April Fools’ edition, WRCT advertises its “Tragic Music Weekend.” Telling its listeners to “tune in and turn us off,” the mock playlist includes K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Bread, and Madonna, who also has a less-than-appealing illustration titled “Like a Slut.” Thankfully, 1984 was the last year Madonna would do anything controversial.

10 years ago
April 5, 1999
In more serious news, a Carnegie Mellon chemistry professor develops a new method for bleaching certain materials. With this new advancement, people can now mix white clothes with colored ones and not worry about dye mixing. Several undergraduates were involved with the professor’s discovery and could be easily identified by their ruined clothes, or “test” clothes.

5 years ago
March 29, 2004
The front page features the different candidates running for the student body president and vice president election. One of the candidates for SBP, Jason Pock, states that “I’m your typical 3.0 student, I’m not going to get on the Dean’s List, I’m not going to do any groundbreaking research, but I am involved in so many things, and I really want to make this place better.”

1 year ago
March 31, 2008
The Crime and Incident section reports a garbage fire in a bathroom in Morewood Gardens. Firemen performed a chemical cleanup of the area, but causes for the fire were unknown. Several speculated that students were attempting to create a solution that bleached colors as well as whites. If only they had known about the Golden Age of Carnegie Mellon’s chemistry department.