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Dollar movie

Feb. 14: A day to remember

Retrace important events that have occurred on Feb. 14 in the past.

Exception to the Rule

He’s Just Not That Into You, directed by Ken Kwapi, tells the story of a group of people — all connected in some way — looking for their own perfect romantic...

More D-Day than V-Day

Ah, friends and foes: it’s that time of the year again. A time for the kind of emotion that is not only heavily advertised but used to evoke other emotions.

Campus chic

If you still haven’t settled on “the” outfit for Valentine’s Day, take a walk through Shadyside’s Walnut Street.

Recipes for romance

For your date this Valentine’s Day, there’s always the homely couch in your own living room for a cozy private dinner.

A guide to finding the perfect V-Day gift

Looking for the perfect gift? Get some great ideas here.

How to ask your crush out

It has long been a Valentine’s Day staple that people crushing steadfastly in the shadows see the opportunity of romance on Feb. 14 and make their move.

From the past to the present

As with most Christian holidays, Valentine’s Day has its origins in a pagan fertility rite.

Deciphering your gift

Got a V-Day gift? Find out what it mean right here.

10 ways a date could go wrong

This Valentine’s Day, try and make your first date perfect by avoiding all the things that could potentially cause embarrassment.

Favorite pick-up lines, treats, and gifts

Get ideas from The Tartan staff about what to do this V-Day.

Love anthems for V-Day

The following playlists act as lyrical and musical backings to the various situations found on Valentine’s Day.

Loss, disease, and death

Ross Gay’s Against Which is a collection of poems that is an incredibly poignant and inspired piece of work.

Philharmonic gives powerful performance

Keith Lockhart conducts the Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic at New York City's Carnegie Hall.

Tales from abroad: Europe

Travel with Cynthia Peng as she globetrots over Europe.

Dollar movie

Get a peek at this week's list of movies.


Try some great ice albums, recommended by WRCT's Split Foster.

Everything you need to know

Get advice on how to stay awake in a boring class and how to find a job in an unstable economy.

Did you know?

Was there really a date auction with underwear-clad men in Skibo Coffeehouse? Find out more!


This week's list of events.

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