Women’s soccer loses 0–5 to Emory

The Carnegie Mellon women’s soccer team finished their season on Saturday, when they competed in Atlanta, Ga. against Emory University. Unfortunately, Emory competed at the top of their game, and the Tartans lost with a final score of 0–5.

As soon as the game started, Emory went on the offensive, attempting to score three goals, all of which were saved by junior keeper Anya Rosen. Within 24 minutes in the first period, Emory broke through the Tartans’ defenses and scored to pull ahead 0–1. The Eagles kicked in their second goal just 12 minutes later.

In the second period, senior midfielder Casey Garth made an attempt at the goal, but Emory’s keeper kept the Tartans goalless. Just two minutes later, sophomore Elsa Wu kicked a second shot which was also saved. Emory scored another goal 30 minutes into the second period. Ten minutes later, Emory scored again, to bring the score to 0–4. With a minute and a half left, Wu attempted to score a final time, but to no avail. With only 30 seconds remaining, Emory scored the final goal of the game to win 0–5.

Despite the results of their final game, the Tartans finished their season with a respectable record of 6–8–2. Their record for the University Athletic Association is 1–4–2 overall.