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iPhone technology translates spoken words

Mobile Technologies, founded by Carnegie Mellon professor Alex Waibel, has developed Jibbigo — an iPhone app that translates Spanish to English.

Having hope reduces happiness in patients

A new study shows patients who undergo irreversible, life-changing surgeries are happier than those who are given the chance of returning to normal.

NMR research fights breast cancer

Research with NMR analyzed a compound, withanolide, that inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells.

Health Talk: Charles Bonnet Syndrome

Patients with Charles Bonnet syndrome see vivid, complex hallucinations many times throughout the day.

How Things Work: Hair-straightening

Learn how hair stylists play with basic scientific principles in order to straighten hair.

SciTech Briefs

Last Wednesday, NASA sponsored a competition to design prototypes for futuristic space elevators.

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