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Despite economy, private university presidents’ salaries rise to over $1 million

Presidents at major research universities, such as Carnegie Mellon University, eaned a median compensation package of $627,750.

Grant extends IS study

Carnegie Mellon’s Information Systems department will be mentoring students from historically black colleges and universities.

Case against Twitter users who posted police locations dropped

The Allegheny County District Attorney dropped charges against two men accused of using social networking to inform the public of police locations.

BU student’s blog attracts lawsuit

Jess Zimmerman, a junior at Butler University in Indiana, wrote a passage in his blog that criticized the administration of Butler University.

Campus News in Brief

Professors nab panel position, grant

Lecture Previews

Karen Piper, English professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia, will talk about multinational companies that are controlling water supplies.

Stats Speaking

The candidate that received the majority of votes was Luke Ravenstahl, though by less of a margin than in 2007.

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