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New whale exhibit makes waves

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History introduces an exciting new exhibit offering poignant information about whales for both children and adults.

Algorithms help analyze astrophysical phenomenon

The future of astrophysics may involve the use of computers to make complex discoveries through the observation of the universe.

TechBridgeWorld showcases innovations

TechBridgeWorld uses technology, like cell phone games and interactive electronics, to help people in underdeveloped countries.

How Things Work: Auto-tune

Auto-tune has become one of the most influential programs of pop music and can be heard in many hit music songs. Here's how it works.

Health Talk: Retinoblastoma

Retinoblasts, cells that grow to form the retina, may become cancerous and form a tumor in the retina, filling the eyeball with excess cells.

Sci/Tech briefs

Google incorporates functionality and availability with its maps navigation application, a GPS device that may compete with traditional GPS devices.

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