Did you know?

100 Years Ago
Nov. 3, 1909
In the Comics section of this issue, a piece titled “Wherein they Differ” describes an interaction between a man and woman. The woman states, “When a man starts to talk he never stops to think,” and the man responds, “And when a woman starts she never thinks to stop.” Maybe this was actually the Facts of Life section.

50 Years Ago
Nov. 4, 1959
This week’s edition features an article titled “Teenianity,” in which the author chastises American youth for their tastes in music, television, and movies, saying that “the list of rubbish is endless” and “lack of talent is a sure sign of success.” I didn’t know you could sound that old and crotchety and still be in college.

25 Years Ago
Nov. 6, 1984
A Pi Lambda brother was injured after falling through a skylight on the roof of Sigma Nu house following a dispute. He was on the roof because he thought the Sigma Nu brothers were throwing pumpkins at him. Oddly, no illegal drugs were found in his system.

10 Years Ago
Nov. 1, 1999
“Alcohol is healthy” is a blurb for a Forum article that cites a study in which brain-damaged lab rats that were fed a caffeine and alcohol combination showed improvement in their ability to function. It’s a shame that we aren’t more like lab rats — not that it will stop me from immediately attempting to duplicate this study myself.

5 Years Ago
Nov. 1, 2004
A columnist for the Sports section cannot believe that the Red Sox finally won the World Series, having doubted that it would happen during his lifetime. Yeah, great for you Sox fans, but did you then really have to go and steal the 2007 series away from my beloved Cleveland Indians? Couldn’t you share the wealth?

1 Year Ago
Nov. 3, 2008
A News article notes that two recent Carnegie Mellon graduates were awarded $25,000 from Facebook through an fbFund grant for TrailBehind, an application allowing users to map any location in the world. No word on whether Facebook gave them the money and then told them to “take a hike.”