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No taxation without extravagant benefits

I recently informed two of my friends that they were planning to tax us college students for being college students.

Tax on overweight not way to decrease obesity

Overweight people may soon be adding more than their pounds to their daily consumption.

Videos do not change babies into Einsteins

Is your child not a “Baby Mozart” or “Baby Shakespeare?”

Cancer findings may lead to breakthrough

Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, pain, recurrence — cancer.

Ravenstahl’s absence shows lack of concern

In the past eight days, mayoral candidate Luke Ravenstahl has bailed on events organized by the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon.

Proposed fees take advantage of loyal customers

Sometimes, age old advice changes.

Bookstore closing highlights shift in publishing industry

A Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article announced the closing of the Barnes & Noble store on Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill by the end of the year.

Leadership Perspectives

The Student Government is always looking for ways to tailor our initiatives to students to lead to a better college experience for everyone.

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