Did you know?

100 Years Ago
Nov. 17, 1909
The Mechanicals (or the engineers) upended the Metallurgists (or the scientists) 10–5 in a football game during the sophomore inter-class championships. The game was in doubt until the very end when something happened involving alchemy that distracted all the metal people for some scientific reason.

50 Years Ago
Nov. 18, 1959
The Home Economics Club advertised one of their meetings this week and in the same breath mentioned that refreshments would be served in a different room following the meeting. That’s just not how you do things, Home Ec: What’s to stop me from just stealing the refreshments before you get there?

25 Years Ago
Nov. 13, 1984
A visiting professor from Duke University is amazed at the friendliness she found at Carnegie Mellon during her one-year sabbatical. Really? Our campus used to be friendly and inviting to outsiders? It truly is amazing how much things seem to change over time.

10 Years Ago
Nov. 15, 1999
The University Living section profiles Heinz ketchup as it celebrates 130 years in Pittsburgh. With all the glitz and glamour given to ketchup in this town, it’s a wonder that the three rivers haven’t started running red... with ketchup, of course .

5 Years Ago
Nov. 15, 2004
In a letter to the editor, the former president of Delta Tau Delta, a fraternity that had been recently removed from campus by their national organization, accused The Tartan’s Editorial Board of routinely writing sensationalist stories about fraternities at Carnegie Mellon. Whatever happened to the saying that any press is good press?

1 Year Ago
Nov. 17, 2008
The new university-wide smoking policy recently took effect, causing much consternation and controversy across campus. Students who put out their cigarette butts in the wrong place are now subject to $25 fines, or a 600 percent increase on the current price of a pack of cigarettes.