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Prof. in Discover magazine’s 50 best brains

Luis von Ahn, an assistant professor of computer science, has recently been named in Discover magazine's "50 Best Brains in Science."

How Things Work: LifeStraw

The "LifeStraw" is a novel water purifier that has benefitted many in countries where contaminated drinking water is a major problem.

Pittsburgh doctor wins Service to America Medal

A reception was held in Rangos on Friday in honor of Dr. Rajiv Jain who won the 2008 Service to America Medal for Citizen Services.

Health Talk: Foreign Accent Syndrome

Learn about a seemingly bizarre syndrome in which patients start speaking in foreign accents after brain damage.

Health Line

Researchers have discovered a new mutation, commonly found in India, that increases the risk for heart disease.

Sci/Tech briefs

A new worm, called Conficker, has infected nearly 9 million computers worldwide.

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