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Researchers develop automated cell-screening system

Researchers have developed a system that can speed-up the process of analyzing microscopic images of cells.

CMU develops system to thwart Internet attacks

Carnegie Mellon researchers have developed a system, called "Perspectives," that makes accessing shared internet networks much safer.

How Things Work: Bomb detectors

Learn about the latest explosives detection machines, of which some are capable of scanning over 500 items per hour.

Health Talk: Phantom Limbs

Patients seem to feel the existence of their amputated limb for months in the intriguing disorder called, "Phantom Limb syndrome."

Health Line

MSG, used in almost all canned and fast food products, has been shown to cause weight gain.

Sci/Tech briefs

Learn about what Microsoft plans to do to improve Windows Vista, which has been having a lot of problems recently.

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