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Carnegie Mellon research, polar bears assuage Congress

The new school year has just begun and an exciting American election is around the corner, but many might say that we are in bad times.

Public interest should be in candidates’ ideas, not personas

How many of us can really say that we know as much about the issues concerning the election as we do the private lives of the people debating them?

Ethnic conflict should not be exploited for political gains

Last month, the Russian Federation added an unexpected twist to the realm of international politics.

Craig Street expansion is both good and bad

The university is consistently expanding its academic and student life opportunities.

Vice presidents are more important than before

Picking running mates is more crucial than ever before.

Harvard raises the bar in lowering tuition costs

Harvard University’s aggressive aid campaign has made it clear that our green value in giving aid money just cannot compare.

Taking first steps toward campus change

As you might have noticed, the Presidential Perspectives column has gone through a bit of a face-lift.

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