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CMU helps build Large Hadron Collider

A team from CMU built a part of the Large Hadron Collider, which will help physicists study rare elementary particles.

Researchers decode thought

Researchers have developed a system that can predict activation patterns in the brain for different words.

20 yrs of undergraduate research

Learn about the research experiences of undergrads who are a part of the Google Lunar X-prize team.

How Things Work: Bionic arm

People who have a limb amputated can now be fitted with futuristic robotic arms that respond to the will of the user.

Health Talk: Mononucleosis

Learn about "Mono" or "The Kissing disease", which has been infecting a large number of students on campus.

Health Line

Doctors at the Children's hospital of Pittsburgh have discovered why certain patients may reject organ transplants.

Sci/Tech briefs

Scientists have found evidence that indicates a planetary collision nearly 300 million years ago.

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