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Dragons, dumplings, and dances

The Pittsburgh Dragon Boat Festival was a celebration of Asian culture and gave locals a taste of the culture and traditions of many Asian countries.

Psychic fair held in Oakland

Ever wondered what a psychic fair was like? Read more to find out.

Anthony Rapp at Purnell

Anthony Rapp visits the School of Drama and chats with students about Rent, his show, Without You, and how to succeed in theater.

International and fantastical

Carnegie Mellon’s School of Drama will put on three productions this semester, representing a thematic departure from traditional university plays.

Quest for a new conductor

The Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic gave its first concert of the 2008 season with a program of Mozart, Bartók, and Rachmaninoff last Wednesday at Carnegie Hall.

A season of hits and misses

Catch a review of the television shows that have premiered and a peek at those that are yet to come.

French Kicks returns to Pittsburgh

Read about French Kicks, an indie band that's returning to Pittsburgh this Tuesday.

Dollar movie

Get a quick preview of this week's movies.

Everything you need to know

What to do when the door is slammed in your face, and how to handle the post-BOC/TOC interviews.

Did you know?

Thought being a first-year now was tough? Find out how the froshes were welcomed in the '50s.


High Places may have a haphazard method, but their music forms a cohesive and entertaining whole.


This week's listing of local events, including art, music, film, and more.

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