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The paradox of Palin: Being a woman versus supporting women

Being a woman and supporting women’s rights are two different things. Herein lies the paradox of Sarah Palin.

Corn syrup commercials perpetuate unhealthy eating

A surprising new series of commercials advertising questionable products have been playing on television — commercials for high fructose corn syrup.

Contradictory security measures

The stranger moved the metal bar up and down my inner thigh, with every swipe coming closer and closer to my crotch.


I was able to get a plank in the Democratic platform. And I didn’t even need to choke on fat cat cigar smoke to do it.

Promoting, but not following, ‘GOOD’ policies

We get our morality from pamphlets.

Make Juicy Campus interesting, substantial

College students love gossip the way models love sugar-free Jello.

Redefining contraception treads dangerously

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has put forward a controversial regulation that could limit women’s access to contraception.

Leadership Perspectives

Look for more department-hosted games in the weeks to come.

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