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City’s lone Hungarian haunt celebrates 20 years in Hazelwood

Read on for a profile of Pittsburgh's only Hungarian restaurant, Jozsa Corner, which is located in Hazelwood.

Smart People: On screen and on campus

On Friday, the yet-to-be-released film Smart People was shown to journalists and other media outlets at a private screening in New York.

The fight for human rights

Last weekend, Carnegie Mellon students gathered for Three Days for Change, a series of events centered on raising awareness about human rights issues.

Welcome to the neighborhood

Last week, the School of Drama performed Tom Griffin’s The Boys Next Door, a play about four mentally disabled men living together in a group home.

Do it yourself

Learn how to make your own dreamcatcher, a Native American artwork that, according to legend, wards off nightmares.

Campus chic

This week's fashion profiles include nature- and retro-inspired trends, like safari chic.

The deal with all the hullabaloo

Horton Hears a Who, a classic Dr. Seuss book, tells the story of Horton the Elephant in the Jungle of Nool.

Dollar movie

If you're in a mood for some drama, read the sneak peek of the movie Juno, or if you like sci-fi/fantasy check out The Golden Compass, both playing this week.

Everything you need to know

Get some advice on how to get rid of unwanted guests and bad influences.


This week's Paperhouse offers suggestions on songs for rainy nights and bank robberies.

Did you know?

Find out why men grew mustaches en masse and women had their own bowling lanes.


This week's list of events.

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