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Culture triumphs politics: ‘An American in Pyongyang’

For one night on Feb. 26, in a barren, stoic land half a world away from us, art triumphed over hostility.

Establishing green practices in Qatar

Sixty years ago, while Pittsburgh was enjoying its peak, Doha was a sleepy fishing town of a few thousand.

Drive a composite vehicle; save the world?

I want to save the world. I want to be a sort of opinion-writing, pink-moccasins-wearing, buggy-driving rock star who travels around the world and designs...

Letter to the editor

As an advocate for all things gossip, I was offended by Amanda Cole’s March 3 article “Britney Spears isn’t real news” — not because I think that Spears’...

Healthy Campus is about more than smoking

A campus without smokers is not necessarily a healthy campus, as problems of obesity, drugs, alcohol, and more are still important to good health.

Pennsylvania is a key player in primaries

Pennsylvania has never mattered so much before. On April 22, Pennsylvania residents are going to be largely responsible for the outcome of the Democratic...

Journalists should not have to disclose sources

In a March 8 article in The New York Times, the Associated Press exposed an important controversy in journalism: the issue of what to do when journalists...

Presidential Perspectives

Hey Tartans, Welcome back to sunny Pittsburgh! I hope all of your spring break experiences turned out well, and that you brought back some rays of sunshine...

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