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Presidents choose their presidents

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, when over 20 states will hold either caucuses or primaries. But some university presidents have already weighed in.

Middle class takes first-class college aid

Middle-child syndrome could be seeing a cure sometime soon, at least in terms of financial aid at Ivy League colleges.

First-years enjoy parental attention

A new study shows that the annoyance of helicopter parents may be a thing of the past, for college first-years at least.

Students spend ‘alternative’ break abroad

The culture shock most students experience during spring break is the trauma of temporarily moving back into their parents’ house or the mind-numbing headache of too many consecutive hours spent in an arcade.

Sophomore honor society serves community

For first-years with too much free time on their hands, service opportunities may be the perfect way to fill up their time. Lambda Sigma, a sophomore honor society, sent out invitations to eligible first-year students last week.

Campus News in Brief

President Cohon travels to Switzerland and a ice dancing pair competes in the US Championships.

Lecture Preview

President Cohon will speak on his journey to becoming CMU president.

Statistically Speaking

With Super Bowl XLII over, many people are celebrating ther Giants’ victory, while just as many are feeling lingering disappointment over the Patriots’ loss.

Crime and Incident

Read about thefts, protests, suspicious odors and much more that happened on campus last week.

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