Stay warm, look hot

The signs that warm, sunny weather is right around the corner are beginning to show, as spring fashion elements are popping up right after the season’s biggest snowstorm. Despite the fact that melting ice and snow cover campus, CIT first-year Mana Ameri and H&SS first-year Kristen Chou are already dressing for spring, hopeful for warmer days to come.

Chou captures her style with excellent combinations of color and textures while still keeping warm. To add insulation to her bright yellow skirt and white flats, she uses another great winter accessory — her scarf. Textured tights and a toggle coat tie the look together, creating a seamless transition from winter into spring. Tights have many functions; they make legs look longer and leaner, and are a modern, toasty substitute for bare legs. Adding tights to an outfit can instantly pull it together. Ordinarily, winter is a season for dressing dark, monotone, and easy. However, Chou’s use of bold colors and modern winter basics look great without sacrificing necessities.

Ameri’s look is often seen around campus this time of year, but the integration of different textures and patterns make her outfit unique. Her fitted red plaid bomber jacket is eye-catching, and the shearling (sheepskin or lambskin) collar adds warmth without sacrificing style. Underneath the jacket is a contemporary sweatshirt with gold buttons; adding small, quirky details will never go unnoticed. Fitted jeans appropriately tucked into flat, comfortable boots keep the outfit practical for toughing out a very wet campus. At this time of year, thick socks with boots are essential to keeping feet warm and dry; it’s also a classic style that will never become obsolete. Ameri manages to capture the essentials of comfortable winter wear while still adding subtle personal touches to keep her outfit interesting and personalized.

While dressing well tends to fall to the female half of campus, not all men are devoid of fashion sense. CFA sophomore Drew Lightfoot reflects his creativity in his style. He combines different elements of classic and youthful styles without having them clash. The colors of his outfit remain, for the most part, neutral: brown blazer, forest-green sweater, black slacks. But his neckline is the most incredible part of the outfit, with a bright baby-blue collared shirt and a fun printed tie. Creating contrast like Lightfoot’s is an elegant way to incorporate the summery, bolder pieces of a man’s wardrobe into a more conservative, classic backdrop.

Lightfoot’s use of texture also adds to his originality. The grungy fitted corduroy blazer, paired with a sleek sweater, classic woven shirt, and silk tie, hints at a modern, edgier take of a tried and true look. Though Lightfoot’s style sounds hard to imitate, there are a few key points to consider when dressing for winter. To start, a fitted jacket is essential; afterward, be sure to layer smooth, basic pieces underneath. Even though Lightfoot is wearing three layers, it does not hide his silhouette. Most importantly, try to make use out of all your clothes, year-round.

Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. But with practice and creativity, great, distinctive style will eventually come naturally.