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Carnegie Mellon unveils new study abroad program in Qatar

On a snowy February morning in Pittsburgh, it may be hard to acknowledge that in another part of the world, it is not snowing at Carnegie Mellon.

Illinois gunman kills six

At Northern Illinois University last Thursday, Feb. 14, a gunman opened fire in a lecture hall, killing six students including himself and injuring 16 others, three of whom remain in critical condition.

Campus celebrates diversity

February is a month of culture, history, and diversity, otherwise known as Black History Month, but this year the celebration at Carnegie Mellon extends beyond African and African-American cultures.

First-years obtain expanded housing

Room Draw has arrived, and anticipation is in the air as many still scurry to find rooms and roommates for next year. While first-year students will have more options, upperclassmen will be experiencing a number of new restrictions.

Colleges gossip online

Hello there, Upper East Siders — or is it upperclassmen? It seems that Gossip Girl has a rival in the new Juicy Campus, a website that dishes out all the latest gossip for more than 50 college campuses across the nation.

Universities come of age

According to a new study, females are more prevalent than ever in the presidential suite at colleges and universities across the nation.

Campus News in Brief

CIT receives presidential honor and Professor educates on health

Statistically Speaking

Here are some Valentine’s Day statistics from last year’s holiday in the U.S.

Lecture Preview

Bill Gates speaks on campus in his farewell tour, and others give lectures.

Crime and Incident

Here is a look at the crime report from this past week.

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