Presidential Perspectives

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Hey Tartans,

First off, I know it’s a time when many have exams, so I hope all is going well with that. We’re all a little stressed out right now, but that’s no reason to stop having fun. Last weekend’s Lunar Gala was a big event on campus that saw a lot of student participation, and I want to congratulate the LG Board on their success over the past 12 years.

Speaking of events — with President Cohon’s help, Adi and I hosted the inaugural Presidents’ Dinner Forum on Friday. One hundred and thirty student, faculty, and staff leaders came together in the Posner Center for a few hours of discussion about Carnegie Mellon’s future. The gathering provoked thoughtful discussion among a large group of people with varying perspectives. The main question at the event was, based on the assumption that change is inevitable, how do we change, and how fast should that change occur?

The event proved to be very successful, and the university community will see how the sentiments that were voiced on Friday take shape in the immediate future as well as in the years to come. Adi and I hope that the Presidents’ Dinner Forum continues under the auspices of the university’s president and student body president, regardless of who fills those roles in the future.

This past week, Adi and I also sat down with Gloriana St. Clair, dean of University Libraries, to discuss the ever-improving situation on campus in her department. We conveyed to her all of the positive feedback we have been getting throughout the year about the vast improvements made as a result of the CMU5 and last year’s Student Senate Business Committee’s hard work. Thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to voice your opinions. We also conveyed our concern regarding a lack of paper-copying resources on campus, or at least those that, as students, we could charge to our printing quotas. As a result, student government will be joining St. Clair in financing several new scanners in the library, so we can all convert documents from hard to digital form and back again for an additional fee. Moreover, we will be testing the 24-hour library proposal suggested by Colin Sternhell and Lauren Hudock during their campaign for the student body president and vice-president offices. We haven’t yet chosen the week in which we will be hosting a 24-hour library, but we will let you know more on that as soon as we can.

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