Romantic top 5s

No Valentine’s Day entertainment section is complete without its Top Five lists. Here are our picks for the most romantic places to take your sweetheart, the tastiest meals, the best movies, and the ideal locations to find that special someone.

Top five spots near campus to watch the stars
If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to treat your date (and don’t have much time to spare between homework and more homework), take him or her to these romantic spots, all of which are within walking distance of campus.

Flagstaff Hill: Reconnect with nature (or, at least, with a small spot of well-manicured grass) while taking in the bright lights and bold colors of downtown Oakland.
Phipps Conservatory: Stroll lazily through the rooms of the conservatory, looking up through the skylights and into the bonsai area on the roof outside. The combination of the stillness of the flowers and the silence of the night is sure to bring you closer to that special guy or gal.
Panther Hollow Lake: Get away from the sounds of the city and the pressures of school by cozying up to your honey in this lush natural environment (that just happens to be in the middle of an urban park).
The top of the Cathedral of Learning: Seeing Oakland from this height puts it into perspective: Carnegie Mellon is just one part of a huge, bustling urban area. If your date feels overwhelmed, make sure you hold on tight.
The Posner Center roof: Sure, the backwards message on the bright blue wall isn’t the most romantic of sights, but getting lost among the shrubbery and winding roads of the living roof is sure to make you closer.

Top five movies
Cozy up on the couch to any of these sappily-sweet flicks.

Love Actually: You knew it’d be on the list, and as much as we would love to be more creative, Hugh Grant is just too cute to pass up.
Pretty Woman: Every woman wants to be wined and dined — albeit not necessarily after selling herself as a prostitute — by a suave and successful business man à la Richard Gere in this classic chick flick.
You’ve Got Mail: Meg Ryan, adorable. Tom Hanks, cute in the not-so-cute kind of way. Put them together, and you have the perfect combination of a drawn-out plot and some awesomely outdated technology.
The Notebook: Who doesn’t love a movie about life-long love? In the film, Noah and Allie brave the obstacles before them and end up together forever. This is perfect for hopeless romantics.
The Wedding Singer: A musical romance so great it’s now a Broadway show. And if love isn’t your thing, Billy Idol probably is — so you should enjoy it either way.

Top five romantic meals to cook together
Going out for dinner is always nice, but there is nothing quite like getting covered in flour and sticky with spaghetti sauce in the kitchen with your girl or guy.

Spaghetti and marinara sauce: You can get messy and let loose. If your date is the right one for you, he or she will think it’s cute (not gross) if you get splattered with Prego and covered in oregano.
Cookies: As long as they’re from scratch.
Cereal: Sharing a super-sized bowl of Kix is the perfect late-night (or early-morning) meal for two.
Hot chocolate: The ideal post-sledding treat. Try with peppermint and marshmallows.
Pizza: You can make pizza just the way you like it and maybe add in a cute message or picture made out of toppings.

Top five spots to meet someone new
Single and overwhelmed by images of red and white roses and too many boxes of chocolate to count? Head to these places to find your next mate.
The Carnegie Museum of Art: Get ready to meet your next intellectual, creative date. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History works too, especially if your future sweetie is a nut for dinosaurs.
Crêpes Parisiennes: This Craig Street café is a great place to meet your fantastical mate — a French connoisseur of delicate breakfast foods (or, if you’re lucky, at least someone wearing a beret).
Barnes & Noble: Stop by for an intellectually stimulating experience. Try the Squirrel Hill location; if things work out, you can catch a movie.
Walnut Street: If you can’t make up your mind, look to this Shadyside avenue for a selection of restaurants, stores, coffee shops, and more.
Phipps Conservatory: The quintessential place to meet that introspective, pensive cutie.