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Fashion Week takes haute-couture mainstream

It’s Fashion Week. The days are cold, the models are hot, and, most importantly, the clothes are fierce.

Election 2008: Making sense of decision-making

In the wake of Super Tuesday, the advice I’m about to offer you is the same as what I would tell you about college — beware of posers.

Microsoft should stick to what it knows

In the few past weeks, Microsoft has been portrayed as a struggling giant, a company in disarray, and an empire that is on the edge of disaster.

Mixing cultures at Education City

Such a high concentration of western higher-education institutions has the potential to wash out whatever traditional culture exists in Qatar.

New grading system will bring more competition

The old news: Carnegie Mellon is home to a competitive and very stressful environment.

Student-funded lectures should be publicized

Last Tuesday, a $10,000 lecture was held in McConomy Auditorium.

Faculty get involved in student housing

For many students, sustained interaction with faculty can be a very difficult hurdle to overcome.

Presidential Perspectives

After about four months of work, our elections reform initiative has come full circle.

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