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Prosciutto and puff pastry

Make delicious palmier, a kind of pastry, or parma ham with melon with these simple instructions.

Make it in a minute

Learn how to make a sweet and spicy Indian snack in minutes.

Flawless showcases student dancing

Student choreographers and dancers bring their talent to the stage in the Fall 2008 edition of Dancers' Symposium, Flawless.

Lang Lang gives masterclass

World-renowned pianist Lang Lang visited Carnegie Mellon last week to give helpful hints to aspiring piano students.

Quick dinners for busy students

Sick of eating campus food? Get some ideas on making simple meals in your own dorm room.

Greek food for a great price

Christo’s Mediterranean Grill provides good food and a warm atmosphere reminiscent of old-world Greece.

A journey through Caliban

One of the most interesting places to visit near Carnegie Mellon is the Caliban Book Shop on South Craig Street, opposite Union Grill.

Somewhere between light and dark: Twilight

You’ve heard the hype about Twilight, but the inevitable question has yet to be addressed: is it really a movie worth going to?

Poetry as an expression of life

Tarnish is a rich, lyrical mastery of how his migration from Trinidad to the United States has shaped him and his life experiences.

Coming to theaters this winter break

Winter may be cold, but that makes it a great time to catch up on movies. Check out these upcoming films for some chilly entertainment.

Campus chic

As we brace ourselves for the end of fall semester and the beginning of snowfall and freezing winds, it seems like the road ahead will be dreary and dull — but it doesn’t have to be.

Tartan Q & A

Find out how the Tartan staff responded to questions on sexy Thanksgiving food and eating with chopsticks.

Through the eyes of a child

The Boy in Striped Pajamas is a heart-breaking World War II film that is shown through the eyes of a young German boy, Bruno.

Did you know?

Ever wonder what the Secretarial Club did in the '50s? Find out this and other facts from the past by reading more.

Everything you need to know

If you're confused about who to buy presents for or what to do if cited for public drunkenness, then this week's advice should help you out.

Dollar movie

With a week packed with action flicks and nostalgic films from back in the day, you can't go wrong.


Being cool before your time is tough, but it's even harder to realize that the things you like aren't really cool anymore.


Campus and local events for the week of Nov. 24.

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