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An Olympic reflection: Protests were of minimal influence

It is hard to deny the association of politics and the Olympics, as well as the political weight carried by the country hosting the games.

If abortions are socially induced, provide unbiased alternatives

Last Wednesday night, Feminists for Life President Serrin Foster lectured on campus.

All students must be connected

It has been my pleasure since 2007 to oversee one of the largest and oldest organizations on campus, The Tartan.

ADA should apply to all areas

While present attention is focused on this dichotomy regarding gay marriage, other aspects of the debate often go unnoticed.

Technobama: Technology in the Oval Office

With just 57 days before Obama brings much-needed change to the government, the Secret Service is trying to bring some change to Obama.

Bus strike could leave students without rides

Remember the old stories your grandparents told about walking to school, uphill both ways, in the snow?

New dean should emulate former Dean Church

The university has begun to make headway on choosing a new dean of Student Affairs since former dean Jennifer Church vacated the position in August.

Leadership Perspectives

Hi Tartans! As Thanksgiving approaches, Jared and I are reflecting back on a whirlwind of exciting projects — the Football Fever initiative, the Elections...

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