Senior defender Sarah DeWath finished a solid final season with the Carnegie Mellon women’s soccer team, concluding her collegiate career last Saturday in her last home game against Emory University at Gesling Stadium and receiving All-University Athletic Association (UAA) first team honors. Known for her tough defense, DeWath added this accolade to other honorable mentions by the UAA given in the past two seasons.

With a notable college soccer career behind her, DeWath shares her favorite elements of the game and life as a senior at Carnegie Mellon with The Tartan.

Tartan: What will you miss the most about playing soccer?
DeWath: I will miss my superstitions and pregame rituals. The locker room music is unforgettable. Most of all, I will miss the comradeship with my teammates. They are an unbelievable bunch of girls and as I move forward, although I will miss playing, I am so lucky to have played for the past four years and to now leave a legacy for this bunch.

T: What have you gained from being a part of the team here?
D: There are some times that you can speak up, and times when you need to sit back and listen. Age doesn’t matter, but everyone can still have something valuable to say. Also, just how lucky an opportunity it is be healthy and able to play at the collegiate level.

T: What is your favorite team tradition? Are there any Carnegie Mellon traditions that you like as well?
D: Definitely the locker room music and dances are my favorite team tradition. The team favorite is *NSYNC’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” since freshman year before every game to get pumped. I love the bagpipes at CMU and the fence painting, too.

T: If you had the chance to coach soccer, what age would you coach and why?
D: Bumblebee soccer, also known as the tiny kids who just swarm around the ball and chase it. Soccer is just so open to perception at that age, and it is so pure. It’s really cute.

T: What is your favorite aspect of psychology? What is your ideal career?
D: I like psychology for the whole idea that it is people-focused. You can better understand not only yourself, but others around you. I think it is important to understand the basis for attitude, logic, reason, and emotion in all careers. My ideal career would be a National Geographic photographer so I could take pictures everywhere they sent me, and really indulge in each culture.

T: You have done a lot of psychology research; what has interested you the most?
D: I mostly work with infants (3–26 months) and a lot of what I have done in that is inanimate/animate based. I found the most interest in goal directed behavior. My honors thesis explores the beginning of these preliminary physics concepts.

T: Do you have an all-time favorite food, and why?
D: I love coconut. All my housemates will tell you it’s more of an addiction, but it just tastes so darn good!

T: If you could be bilingual, what would be your second language and why?
D: Italian. I had an amazing experience traveling in Italy, and would love to fluently speak Italian so I could visit more often, especially if my job requires it.

T: What is your favorite day of the week? Why?
D: I like Thursdays because it starts my weekend, and of course I am an avid Grey’s Anatomy fan.