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Carnegie Science Center exhibits images from the Hubble Telescope

A new exhibit, displaying images taken by the Hubble Telescope, opened at the Carnegie Science Center.

Technology helps the visually impaired

Carnegie Mellon's TechBridgeWorld has developed a new device that can help blind students learn to write Braille more effectively than conventional methods.

Student creates iPhone app

Jahanzeb Sherwani, a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon, has developed a novel iPhone application that connects users to their computers from virtually any place in the world.

Health Talk: Congenital insensitivity to pain

Although a life without pain may sound like a blessing, insensitivity to pain is a debilitating disorder that can cause severe physical impairments.

How Things Work: Lie detectors

From rice grains to polygraphs, lie detectors have evolved over time, yet their reliability is still controversial.

Health Line

Doctors in Berlin have successfully cured a patient of AIDS by performing a blood transplant.

Sci/Tech briefs

Researchers have created a new coating for solar panels that is capable of absorbing nearly 96 percent of the incident sunlight.

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