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DJs pump up audience with catchy beats

RJD2 and Flosstradamus exploded in Wiegand Gym with their amazing beats last Saturday.

Charging against the capitalist empire

A new exhibit that shuns capitalism opens at Miller Gallery.

Toasting and Dancing All...

Learn about the history and music of America’s longest running ska band.

From dog to man and back again

The School of Drama performs the Russian political drama Heart of a Dog.

Greed, bullets, and racial injustice

The play No Place to Be Somebody is an interesting take on the tried and true “troubled business owner” tale.

Where’s the soul?

Soul Men is a sub-par comedy that takes the audience on an adventure with two estranged friends who reunite and take a road trip.

Carnegie Mellon alum turns novel into opera

Carnegie Mellon alumnus composes opera based on famous novel.

American food done right

Feast on some classic American cheeseburgers and fries at the American restaurant Harris Grill.

Take Solace: 007 is back again

The British secret agent 007, returns in a bloodier and grittier new sequel.

Dollar movie

Don’t miss the raunchy comedy Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, playing this Saturday.


Is the ability to shuffle songs replacing the need to create mixtapes? Find out more.

Everything you need to know

Get some quick tips on how to bring Thanksgiving to college and how to deal with senioritis.

Did you know?

Procrastination finds a place in the newspaper. Find out more.


Campus and local events for the week of Nov. 17.

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