Did you know?

100 years ago
Nov. 11, 1908

The Tartan shows the non-technical side of Carnegie Tech and devotes a section to poetry. In one piece, “Why he lost his friends,” a list of reasons is given. These include “He was suspicious of everybody,” “He never hesitated to sacrifice their reputation for his advantage,” and “He was not loyal to them.” They forgot to include “He always took the last slice of pizza.”

50 years ago
Nov. 12, 1958

A no-good, unshaven beatnik writes to The Tartan. His statement reads, “I like apathy. Do-nothings of the world, unite. Nirvana comes only through rejecting all values, even your own.” I don’t believe a word of it. First off, it had to take some kind of effort for this person to write his three sentences. Next, anyone with that attitude would have flunked out of Carnegie Tech long before writing a letter to the editor.

25 years ago
Nov. 13, 1983

The Tartan begins a weekly survey about pertinent issues by randomly calling 72 people using the C-Book. The main questions are whether people listen to WRCT’s two talk shows, Feedback and Sportsline. The results: four people to one do not listen to the show, meaning that talk radio is on the decline in the ’80s. I guess new technologies, like television and music, have contributed to the downfall.

10 years ago
Nov. 9, 1998

A blackout hits Carnegie Mellon. All across campus, lecture halls go dark, computer screens go blank, and elevators stop. One student waited for 40 minutes before Facilities Management Services was able to open the elevator. According to the student, although his professor was the one who notified authorities, the professor still gave him a zero on his missed exam while he was in the elevator.

5 years ago
Nov. 10, 2003

In an editorial by the Tartan board, the university is criticized for having separate sleeping bag programs for minority students. It argues that all prospective students can benefit from sleeping bag weekends without special time set aside for minorities, which, it argues, promotes inequality rather than positive diversity.

1 year ago
Nov. 12, 2007

A Vietnamese flag is stolen from the University Center. Suspects include Vietnamese students who want the flag to show pride for their country. Also suspected are non-Asian students, because nobody would ever expect an Irish student to have a Vietnamese flag hanging in his dorm room.