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Klaus Hoffman lecture delivered at Science 2008

The Klaus Hoffman lecture, delivered each year at the University of Pittsburgh's Science 2008, was delivered this year by Marcus Raichle and was called "Two views of brain function."

How Things Work: BrainPort

The blind may soon be able to gain a rudimentary form of vision with the help of a device called "BrainPort."

Health Talk: Fatal Familial Insomnia

Fatal Familial Insomnia is a prion disease in which the patient is unable to sleep and finally succumbs to exhaustion.

Findings: Ugly Fish

Some of the marine world's most interesting creatures live in the seldom traversed depths of the sea.

Sci/Tech Briefs

Researchers are now drawing seawater inland and using it to convert deserts into farmland.

Health Line

New studies show that the AIDS virus was quite old and existed over a century ago.

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