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Heinz Talks discuss climate change and energy policies

The Heinz talks discussed issues related to climate change and energy policy and discussed how the next president should deal with such issues.

CMU faculty work on biosensors

The Center for Implantable Medical Microsystems (CIMM), is developing a Brain Computer Interface that can help patients control prosthetic limbs.

20 years of undergrad research

Ashley Reid, a junior, is studying interpersonal relationships in a psychology laboratory at Carnegie Mellon.

How Things Work: IMAX

IMAX standard movies need to use a special type of film and cameras that weigh nearly 215 pounds.

Health Talk: Alien hand syndrome

Patients with Alien hand syndrome have no control over one of their hands and can even go so far as strangling themselves with the hand.

Sci/Tech Briefs

Last week, India launched its very first mission to the moon, called Chandrayaan-I.

Health Line

A new study revealed that nearly 50 percent of the american doctors prescribe placebos to their patients.

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