Tartan Q&A

In your opinion, what is the scariest place on campus?
The stairwells in Wean. They just have this vibe that scares me. — PN

If Carnegie Mellon had something like a bunch of tunnels that ran underground beneath the campus, then I would say that those would be really creepy to go through at night. However, everyone knows that Carnegie Mellon doesn’t have anything even remotely like that, so I guess I can’t think of anything. — AY

Do you prefer slasher films or psychological thrillers?
Neither. Scary movies keep me up at night months after I’ve watched them. — LT
Psychological thrillers because you’re sitting there trying to “solve” them. With slasher films, I sit there dissecting and mocking them. — PN
Much as I love blood and gore, there’s only so much I can take before it gets boring. I’d choose The Silence of the Lambs over Saw any day. — AY

**Should college kids go trick-or-treating, or are they too old? **
I’m petite so I’m going to pretend I’m in eighth grade and go trick-or-treating. Definitely. — LT
Too old, but you could just follow around a group of kids and pretend you’re their brother if you wanted. — JK
College kids should trick and give better treats. — KM

What’s the best Halloween costume that you’ve ever had, or that you’ve ever seen?
Anything Sarah Palin related would be awesome. — LT
A baby dressed like baked turkey. — CM
My high school principal dressed up as a cat with an F on her chest to represent the FCAT! (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test). — DW

What is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?
Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Or that one with the Furbies. — DW Alice in Wonderland. — KM
I’m not easily scared at movies. — AB
Jesus Camp: Evangelicals brainwashing their kids into thinking that global warming doesn’t exist and that everyone is going to hell. — SS

What’s scarier, taking your first exam at Carnegie Mellon, going through a haunted house, or cutting through behind WQED?
Hands down, taking your first exam at Carnegie Mellon, especially when it’s a class that you hear scary things about, like Klepper’s Principles of Economics. — PN
Rape Valley (WQED). — DW
WQED is pretty creep-tastic, but if we’re measuring this fear in terms of pure, raw terror, I’d have to go with Carnegie Mellon’s first exam. — AY

Do you believe that Judith Resnik is haunting our campus?
I hope so, I want to talk to her. — CM
Naturally. She wants to make sure that the physics and engineering departments get their calculations right. It’s a motivator, honestly. — AY

What’s your favorite urban legend?
Pop rocks + soda = death. — LT
Vagina teeth! — DW
Alligators live in NYC subways. — SS
These people took a garden gnome and it turns out that it was actually a little girl, so they gave her bus fare and sent her on her way. — AP

LT — Laura Thorén | Staffwriter
PN — Pratima Neti | Staffwriter
AY — Alex Yuschik | Junior Staffwriter
CM — Chalita Maneetham | Junior Staffwriter
JK — Jesse Kummer | Staffwriter
AB — Aimee Beveridge | Junior Staffwriter
KM — Kristine McPherson | Junior Staffwriter
DW — Diana Wong | Assistant Advertising Manager
SS — Shaleya Solomon | Staffwriter
AP — Allison Piper | Assistant Photo Editor