Latest horror movies

The Halloween spirit takes over again as television stations and movie theaters are filled with new and classic horror films. This year, Saw comes out with its fifth movie. Every movie in the series ends with the audience wondering how it’s possible for another one to come out the year after, and this one is no different. With Saw IV seeming to end the saga and the Saw series, viewers are compelled to see what Saw V has in store.

Also in theaters is Let the Right One In, a story about a boy and his new vampire friend who just happens to come around the same time as a series of murders, and Passengers, a movie about the mysterious disappearance of a plane crash’s five survivors equipped with bloody violence and disturbing images, perfect for the avid Halloween fan.

My Name Is Bruce, in which the director plays himself and is abducted from his trailer park to fight a Chinese war deity, premiered last weekend. Topping off Halloween this year are three films to be released Oct. 31 that are sure to leave the heart holding on to its last beat, or at least that’s what they’re supposed to do. These include Eden Lake, a daydream love story about a weekend away until the young couple runs into a group of ruffians who change the dream into a nightmare; the Haunting of Molly Hartley, a thriller about a girl who, while at a new private school, is haunted by secrets from her past; and Splinter, which combines the common “trapped in a city, building, or one of the Earth’s orifices” theme with the very familiar transforming disease and leaves it up to our main characters to figure out an escape before they too succumb to the parasite.

This year, the Housing Movie Channel is showing a series of films that range from the friendly ghost of Casper to the laughs of Beetlejuice. Just in case you decide to stay inside and curl up on the couch in the dark with some popcorn and a good flick, some great recent horror films include Constantine, a story about a man sentenced to Hell who tries to get on good terms with God by deporting demons; Slither, a story about a town taken over by an alien plague that turns the residents into drones; and Hannibal, another Hannibal Lecter film.

The Descent is a story about a group of friends who get stuck in a cave within arm’s reach of bloodthirsty creatures. The Saw series, which has the aforementioned sequel this year, is about John, who lost his unborn child testing the patience and value of the life of others by putting them through several life threatening obstacles. The Others is a film starring Nicole Kidman, who, with her two children, lives in a house in which strange things begin to happen after she hires three new servants. Dawn of the Dead, its comical Euro version Shaun of the Dead, and the sequel Land Of the Dead, are stories in which the living dead take over the world — great for those into the flesh-eating zombie stories.

Some more greats include 28 Days Later, which is a terrific movie for horror-loving sci-fi fanatics since it’s about the aftermath of a virus as the survivors try to find a safe haven four weeks after the spread. Gwoemul, or The Host, focuses on a giant mutant water monster that lives in Seoul’s Han River.

Grindhouse is a combination of favorite films of two of horror’s great writers, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez: Death Proof, where the killer’s choice weapon is a car, and Planet Terror, in which yet another town is overrun by zombies. The Ring contains the ever-so-popular videotape in which viewers die within a week of watching it. No worries, though. No one uses VHS anymore. If they do, you should be worried for another reason.