Did you know?

100 years ago
Oct. 28, 1908

Statistics are shown for the cost of attending technical schools across the country. Tech students have the pleasure of paying $20 for tuition. Why such a low price? Well, Pittsburgh of 1908 was raided by the British who disliked the new settled colony. When Andrew Carnegie defended the Alamo from British troops, he claimed “Ne’er shall students pay over $25 in tuition.” It’s a true story, seriously.

50 years ago
Oct. 29, 1958

The Pennsylvania Electric Association (PEA) runs an ad lauding, “These electrical engineers are solving problems that won’t happen until 1960!” It’s a good thing, too. When the United States wanted to devise a method for creating fire in 1960, they used the “dual friction rod algorithm” invented by 1958 PEA engineers.

25 years ago
Oct. 30, 1983

The Zeta Beta Tau fraternity is dismissed due to a brawl against the Korean Students Association. The University Disciplinary Committee deliberated the decision and judged that the fraternity be disbanded, completely ruining their Halloween Party. ZBT held that they still had the party, but explained that the minimal attendance was a result of “everybody dressing up as ghosts.”

10 years ago
Oct. 26, 1998

A Tartan editor expresses his concern for the university’s squeaky clean image during Parents’ Weekend. Instead of the usual filth and squalor that ravages our campus, parents are treated to immaculate facilities and stimulating lectures. These lectures, the editor claims, are nothing like the real thing. I guess even Carnegie Mellon has the equivalent of parents who keep demanding that you clean your room.

5 years ago
Oct. 27, 2003

New security card readers are installed in Baker and Porter halls which require students to swipe their cards to enter after 10 p.m. This means that those who were planning to pillage Porter will now have to wait five minutes outside the entrance for someone else to swipe their card. Hopefully, the awkwardness of the situation will deter any looters.

1 year ago
Oct. 29, 2007

A student from Boss House reports a suspicious student in front of the main entrance. Campus police determined he was from Carnegie Mellon and asked him to leave. Does anyone else smell injustice here? That student paid good money to be a creeper, and should have the right to linger mysteriously in front of wherever he chooses.