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Commercialization of Olympics venues reduces historic appeal

Today, international multi-sport competitions, such as the Olympics, are more than just mega-scale sporting events.

Gay marriage is a civic issue: Vote no on Proposition 8

When a multinational electronics and software corporation donates $100,000 to fight against a legal proposition regarding marriage, something is up.

Urban areas need trees — and the mayor finally agrees

Pittsburgh is now going more green — and this time, it’s to actually make some green.

Voters lose faith, interest due to inadequate systems

Anyone who remembers the 2000 presidential election knows that voting in reality isn’t always the exact science it should be.

Encouraging journalistic integrity on campus

Last week, a new publication appeared on Carnegie Mellon’s campus.

Homecoming tent follows development in Doha

This year’s Homecoming celebration was truly spectacular — and there was a tent to stand testament.

Leadership Perspectives

Students for Freedom (SfF) is a new student organization waiting to receive official university recognition on Carnegie Mellon’s campus.

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