Familar quarterbacks’ impact on new teams

The National Football League season is underway with lots of exciting rookies and star players playing top-notch football. We all know and idolize star quarterbacks such as Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer, or Tom Brady, but what about the QBs we never talk about? What about the familiar veteran QBs and their impact on their new teams? As someone who closely monitors football, I am here to offer my top three familiar QBs who will impact their new teams in a big way.

Jeff Garcia, last year’s hero of the Philadelphia Eagles, leads a Tampa Buccaneers team that disappointed many fans last year. Garcia, once a Pro Bowl quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, struggled the past few years before accepting the backup QB role with the Eagles last season.

After Donovan McNabb went down with a serious injury for the Eagles mid-season, Garcia embraced the familiar West Coast offense and led the team to a surprising playoff appearance.

This season, Garcia should perform well under Jon Gruden’s West Coast offense. This season so far, Garcia has had an impressive 31–14 victory over New Orleans, but also suffered a disappointing 6–20 loss. In his first two games, he has thrown over 400 yards in passing and has accumulated a QB rating well over 100.
Garcia has been relying on a lot of short throws to his running back and wideouts, but more importantly, he has been successful with deep passes to Joey Galloway. For someone in his late 30s, Garcia continues to be very mobile.

Garcia should prove to be a valuable addition to a young Buccaneers team, providing playoff experience and leadership skills. The success of the Buccaneers will depend on whether Garcia stays healthy despite his age and whether his mediocre arm strength will be enough to throw deep passes to Galloway.

Who would’ve thought that the Houston Texans would be 2–0 this early in the season? Thanks to the acquisition of veteran QB Matt Schaub from a trade with the Atlanta Falcons, the Texans are off to a very strong start.

The Texans beat two tough teams, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Carolina Panthers, rather convincingly. A former third-round pick in 2004, Schaub had limited but very successful stints as the backup QB behind Michael Vick.

In the first two games, Schaub has had well over 400 yards in passing and a 72.0 completion rating that ranks third in the league.

Schaub has the potential to be a star QB in the league, but his stardom will largely depend on an unproven and shaky offense. However, with veteran running back Ahman Green and elite wide receiver Andre Johnson, Schaub should have enough weapons to be competitive in the league.

Schaub has a lot to play for this season because this is his first real attempt at the starting QB position. All four QBs taken in front of him in 2004 (Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, and J.P. Losman) are well-known starting QBs.

The Miami Dolphins are off to an 0–2 start, but there are reasons to be hopeful about their new QB Trent Green. In his debut, Green lost a very close overtime game to the Redskins but established a good relationship with wide receiver Chris Chambers, who caught six passes for 92 yards.

Green had a lackluster second game against the Dallas Cowboys, with two fumbles and four interceptions. Although many observers view Green as a temporary placeholder until future QB John Beck is ready, Green brings a lot of success and leadership into an unstable organization. Last season, the Dolphins head coach, Nick Saban, bolted to Alabama while the Daunte Culpepper experiment failed.

In his glory days with Kansas City, Green topped 4000 passing yards and led one of the most vaunted offenses in the league. Despite his early struggles, Green has still managed to throw for more than 500 yards in the first two games. Also, Green has worked previously with head coach Cam Cameron, who used to be his quarterback coach.

After ending his career with the Chiefs in an awful loss against the Colts last season, Green has plenty to prove this season. If Garcia and other veteran QBs can revive their career, Green certainly can do it too. If the running game for the Dolphins improves, Green has the ability to be a reasonably good quarterback.

There always seems to be at least one surprise QB who leads his team to the playoffs. At least one of the three quarterbacks mentioned above (Garcia, Schaub, Green) will have a Pro Bowl season and advance his team to the playoffs. These are veteran quarterbacks trying to prove that they still have what it takes to be idolized.