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Gladys Schmitt: The darling of Pittsburgh

The story of the creative writing department and the woman who started it all.

Metric performs at PGHPOP

On Sunday at Mr. Small’s, Canadian indie rockers Metric delivered a riotous, fever-pitched performance in the first installment of PGHPOP Festival.

Elusive Signs

Artist Bruce Nauman turns bar lights into art with his work with noble gases.

T-Shirt transformation

Joseph-Beth Booksellers offers a craft workshop on turning t-shirts into everything from tank tops to rugs.

Art On a Grand Scale

The Carnegie Museum of Art commemorates the 100th anniversary of the museum's collection of architectural and artistic replicas.

Seven layers of heaven

Enhance your dipping with cheeses, beans, sour cream, and more.

Top Chef: Don't miss a calorie

Check out the first 12 episodes of Top Chef.

The Pampering In Pittsburgh

Find some local spots to pamper yourself, from head (or eyebrows anyway) to toe.

Helvetica: The Movie

Probably the only thing American Apparel, the NYC subway, and the iPod have in common.

You should have read it by now

Sometimes even CliffsNotes are too long; get the gist of Crime and Punishment in a single page.

Everything you need to know

Learn how to cope if you can’t get enough of those happy feet, or if your roomate smells.

Dollar movie

The girls from Ocean's 11 and 12 take a break from 13. Plus: Blades of Glory.


Hungry? You could eat, or just listen to these songs about food.

Did you know?

A comforting fact: Even 100 years ago, Carnegie Mellon couldn't get its elections right.


Check out What’s For Dinner, featuring photographs of the larger-than-life food advertisements on the cross-country trucks that deliver our food.

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