Breaking: Carnegie Mellon student struck by vehicle on Forbes

A Carnegie Mellon student on a bicycle was struck by a car from behind on Forbes Avenue in front of East Campus Garage at approximately 9:11 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 20. As of press time, he is in serious condition at UPMC Presbyterian hospital on Lothrop Street in Oakland.

Police could only identify the victim as a male Carnegie Mellon student named Andrew.

Both the bicyclist and car were traveling outbound on Forbes Avenue towards Squirrel Hill. As the bicyclist was making a left turn into the driveway at Doherty Apartments, where he is a resident, he was hit from behind by a black Mercury sedan piloted by a male driver.

Police collected the victim's damaged bicycle; the bicycle seat had detached. They also collected one of the victim's shoes.

The driver of the vehicle pulled over and exited the car once the accident occurred. The upper right-hand quadrant of the vehicle's windshield was smashed, but the vehicle remained otherwise undamaged.

The bicyclist was using all the correct hand signals appropriate when making a left turn, according to Sergeant Brian Elledge of the City of Pittsburgh Police. In addition, the victim's bike displayed both front and rear reflectors.

Police did not remember whether or not the victim had been wearing a helmet.

After the incident was dispatched at 9:11 p.m., the first city officer was on the scene at 9:12 p.m. Carnegie Mellon University police had been nearby when the accident occurred, Elledge said.

The victim was transported by medics to UPMC Presbyterian. He sustained a gash on his head and most likely a broken leg, Elledge said.

University and City Police, as well as Carnegie Mellon Parking Authority, diverted traffic off of Forbes Avenue at the intersection of Forbes and Morewood Avenue going outbound, and at the intersection of Forbes and Beeler Street going inbound.

Upon being hit, the victim was "screaming, probably because he was shocked and didn't know where he was," an unidentified city police officer said at the scene.

The driver did not sustain any injuries.

The accident was cleared at approximately 10 p.m.

Police allowed the driver to drive away from the scene of the accident in his vehicle. The driver's wife was also at the scene, but she had not been in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

After an investigation is completed, the investigating officer will determine whether or not the driver will face charges. If the victim were to die, the accident could be ruled a homicide, Elledge said.

Police confirmed with UPMC that the victim's condition is serious. Police believe that it will soon stabilize.

"It looks like he's going to make it," the unidentified officer said.

University Police were unable to comment on the situation.

UPMC Presbyterian were not able to release any information about the victim at this time.