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Beyond the salad

Carnegie Mellon isn’t a bad place to be if you’re a vegetarian.

Almost famous

The popular TV show isn’t as glamorous as Ryan Seacrest would have you believe.

Less reality, more orginality

The O.C. in the Big Apple, news anchors in Pittsburgh, and kids... in a ghost town?

Star performer

Read about last Monday’s art lecturer, Andrea Fraser. Plus, a schedule of lectures to come.

Miller Gallery reveals Nakashima

Nakashima Revealed showcases Carnegie Mellon's collection of Nakashima's work, which has never been exhibited.

Surprise! You're dead.

A surprise party turns deadly when an ex-wife and a senile grandfather pay a visit.

CD Dropbox

Kanye’s latest album. And: Caribou gives Brian Wilson a run for his money.

Everything you need to know

How to cancel on your friends without ditching them. And: Waiting for Prince Charming.


How to order songs on an album — for when you make it big.

Dollar movie

Paris, je t’aime, Johnny Depp At World’s End, and torture porn.


Lectures in Adamson, a "Duke of Ribs" competition, and TV's Chelsea Handler.

Did you know?

A shooting range in Margaret Morrison, martial arts, and Facebook.

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