Dollar movie

Wednesday. August 29
No movie

Thursday, August 30
The Lookout
8 10 12

Scott Frank, the screenwriter behind Minority Report, makes his directing debut in the Memento-like thriller The Lookout. After losing his short-term memory in a car crash, Chris Pratt (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) adjusts to a mundane life consisting of physical therapy and a night job as a janitor. All of that’s fine, or at least manageable, until a smooth-talking new friend convinces Pratt to play a part in a bank robbery. Intriguing plotline aside, the movie is worth it for Gordon-Levitt alone — in case your 10 Things I Hate About You DVD is skipping.

Friday, August 31
6:30 10

If paying $1 for a movie is a bargain, paying $1 for two movies has got to be a steal. Grindhouse channels the drive-in horrors of the ’50s, offering a duo of films by cult heroes Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. First up is Death Proof, Tarantino’s serial-killer flick with the predator using his car as the weapon of choice. Then there’s Rodriguez’s Planet Terror, a zombie thriller worth a watch if only because we go to school in Pittsburgh.

Saturday, September 1
7 10 1

If you changed the plot of All the President’s Men to portray a homicidal Richard Nixon, you’d pretty much have Zodiac. It has all the glamour of a smoke-filled ’70s newsroom, where we watch the employees of the San Francisco Chronicle (a snappily on-point Robert Downey Jr. and an adorably obsessive Jake Gyllenhaal) try to find a serial killer without so much as a dial-up connection. Keep in mind, though, that the movie tells the story of an unsolved mystery — so don’t expect a tightly stitched ending.

Sunday, September 2
Day Watch
7:30 10 12:30

Russian fantasy Day Watch might not make sense unless you’ve seen Night Watch, the first of the series, but here goes: Anton, the hero from the first film, returns to his role as the middleman between a pair of contending groups called the Light and Dark Others, humans with supernatural powers on the respective fronts of good and evil. Anton canoodles with love interest Svetlana (no, not the girl from The Real World), and the pair seeks out something called the Chalk of Fate, a super-sweet writing implement with the capability to rewrite history.

Wednesday, September 3
No movie

Thursday, September 4
Red Road
8 10 12

Set in Glasgow, Scotland, Red Road follows a CCTV (closed circuit television) operator named Jackie. We get a vibe she has a tortured past, but the real trouble starts when Jackie recognizes a man she sees on the job (he lives in the Red Road flats — hence the name). Jackie starts watching him and stalking him obsessively, eventually seducing him, filing a false rape charge, and landing him in jail. The intriguing part is that we don’t learn until the end how Jackie knows this man, or what she wants with him.

Friday, September 5
Spider-Man 3
7:30 10 12:30

Spider-Man 3 continues in the campiness of the series’ part deux, primarily in its setup. Newcomer Thomas Haden Church falls into a sand-filled particle accelerator, which, instead of killing him, turns him into a super villain called Sandman... with the phenomenal power to disintegrate into sand. And, some alien ooze latches onto Peter’s moped during an evening under the stars with Mary Jane (talk about an awkward date). The ooze later climbs onto Peter’s costume and alters his personality, which is illustrated by the suit turning black. Deep.

Saturday, September 6
Rang de Basanti
7 10 1

Bollywood! In Rang de Basanti, some college slackers agree to participate in a documentary about the Indian Independence Movement. The students play characters involved in the revolution’s terrorist underbelly, and they are soon inspired to ditch their apathetic tendencies in favor of patriotic passion. History repeats itself, and the group takes on a corrupt defense minister in the spirit of the characters they play. The result is largely successful, though a little forced at the film’s end. It’s two hours and 37 minutes — bring a bedpan.

Sunday, September 7
Plan 9 From Outer Space
8:30 10 11:30

Many people consider Plan 9 From Outer Space to be the worst movie ever made. It might be worth it to see Plan 9 for that reason alone, to make yourself feel better about all the slightly less-bad movies you’ve seen. If not, here’s a story: Writer/director Edward D. Wood Jr. wanted Bela Lugosi to be in his movie so badly that when the actor died mid-movie, he hired his wife’s chiropractor to stand in for the role.