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As I checked the event schedule for graduation, I couldn’t help but notice the free food and cash-bar party (on Sunday, May 20) at the Pittsburgh Deli Company. Sounds fun, but it was really the title that caught my eye. Billed as a “Zero-Year Reunion,” the event got me thinking about the relationship alumni have to Carnegie Mellon.

As graduating seniors, we receive new information almost weekly about special events or tasks we need to take care of in order to make sure we’re ready to receive our diploma. This is a good thing: We have the opportunity to catch mistakes in our transcripts and learn about adult matters like buying versus renting a home. We have also received invitations to networking events. These are all great resources Carnegie Mellon provides for us, and we are smart to take advantage of them.

Recently, the university has also moved its alumni database online, making networking much easier (see Seniors have received e-mails telling us about “The Bridge,” a guide for graduating students to make the transition to life outside of Carnegie Mellon ( There’s also “LinkedIn,” the “premier professional networking site,” where you can join the Carnegie Mellon alumni group (

This year, Alumni Relations has also begun to step it up. Led by Judith Cole and Roshawn Palmer, Alumni Relations recently began discussions with groups of students about our impressions of Alumni Relations, the contact we would like to have with alumni, and the contact we would like to have with the university after we graduate. This is a step in the right direction, and they bring up good questions. How do we want to shape our relationship with our alma mater, and with each other? How can Homecoming become more like Carnival? If you would like to share your input on these questions or have other concerns, contact us at sbp@, or contact Alumni Relations directly at

It’s time for us to take our legacy into our own hands.

An extra note: YOU should run for Student Senate, become a GSA rep, or run for student body president, VP, or VP of finance. Contact us at sbp@ and we’ll be happy to tell you more! Petitions are due this Wednesday at 5 p.m. — so get to the UC Info Desk to pick one up!