Tartan Q&A

Is Buggy worth all the hype?

Overall no, but it really helps to cure general apathy in our school. —BD

Buggy makes me really nervous, and I cry a little about it sometimes. I mean the concept of buggy is just odd to me. A little person — like myself — driving this little thing while huge men run and push it? I’m really confused. I’m also about to have a panic attack. —RC

Did you enjoy this year’s Booth theme, “Small Things Made Large”?

Yes, but Carnival Committee really needs to work on its logo. —BD

This one seems too similar in concept to “How to be a Kid Again,” and just happened in ’01. Possible themes for Carnival are infinite, so why not choose something a little more daring, unique, or specific? —KL

Which was your favorite booth? Which was your least?

Any booth with a ball pit or the giant pinball machine; the refrigerator. —BD

SAE’s battleship was pretty cool. Also, I definitely didn’t mind seeing a giant ocarina (once I learned what it was). I don’t like picking least favorites. —SM

I liked Beta’s... thing (booth?). Simple, modest, punchy. —MS

What was your most romantic Carnival moment? What about your most embarrassing?

I was with a friend at a side-stage show, and he was talking to me about a professor pretty loudly, so I could hear him over the music. He continued talking, and when the music died down, all the entire crowd heard was, “...GREASY HAIR!” —KL

Ha, romantic? My friend who has a boyfriend proposed to me, and she gave me a ring with a K on it. My name is Rachael though. Embarrassing? When I fell off a seat at Ritters while trying to eat my bacon cheeseburger. —RC

Watching a boy and girl toddler dancing on Midway. Man, I wish I could dance. I was pretty embarrassed when I tried dancing with them and they made fun of me. —MS

I proposed to Rachael Clemmons on her bed while I was dressed like a six-year-old ballerina. She totally said yes. —KC

What was the best part of Carnival?

The best part of Carnival was definitely the food. Fried Oreos and funnel cakes are the best. —AC

Finally getting to party! —KL

What was the funniest thing or person you saw at Carnival?

I didn’t actually see it, but a friend of mine saw a llama on Forbes Avenue. He took a picture of it. —LS

Demetri Martin. Hands down. —KL

Which was your favorite stage performance, both main and side? Your least favorite?

Marian Mereba rocks my world with her electric blue guitar. Literally, sometimes. —RC

Anna Vogelzang was amazing, and she was amazing last Carnival, too. —SW

Spoon was a little too mellow. I like their music, but I was disappointed in the live show. —KC

Did you watch any musicals or plays? What did you think of them?

I saw Pippin, and I thought it was fantastic. The actors, tech staff, pit, and everyone else involved did such a good job in putting the show together. —AC

Suggest a theme for next year.

Oblong Things Made Rectangular. —LS

Presidential Candidates. —LK

Reading Rainbow: Everyone uses a story of some sort and makes a booth! —BD

Cereal! How sweet would it be to see huge boxes of cereal on Midway, like Lucky Charms or Trix. Okay, just kidding. —KL

[Things] in a Box. —SM

How are you going to survive these last two weeks of classes?

Work. Drink. Realize that it’s almost over and that I might as well do the best I can without complaining too much about it. —LK

I’m going to nurse this hangover. Actually, it’s gone. I’m going to sleep a lot, and I’m going to hurt a lot of people and I’m going to be inspired by “Walking to the Sky” for all my poetry and fiction pieces. —RC

Caffeine pills, caffeine drinks, energy bars, and an empty
wallet. —KL

Hopefully some sunshine therapy. Come on, Pittsburgh. —KC